Thanks for sticking around! - Kara Lockharte

Thanks for sticking around!

You made the right choice!
And here's a funny quick story summary of what Kara's books are about!

(I made this because I didn't want to do dishes lol) 

*I don’t need a man. Especially that dude over there who’s so jacked and hot it’s a crime. Oh crap he’s looking at me!


*Maybe I do need some help. But not you Mr. / Dr. / Lord / Prince Hotness!

*I am not someone you can just seduce into doing what you want with your arrogance and muscles.

* Ohhhhhh. But still not gonna…ohhh mmph…we’ll see…

*What do you mean people are gonna die if we don’t work together…and screw…a lot…ok I guess.

*Angst angst angst.


*Oh crap, I don’t just like him, I love him. We can’t possibly be together because REASONS.

*Ooo more Sexy times.

*Even worse, he loves me too!

* We’re all going to die!

* OMG we/he saved us / everyone / the world / the universe.

* Hero groveling.

* Yes! Forever Yes!

See for a complete book list!