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Introducing Dragon Called – a sexy slow burn dragon shifter paranormal romance by Kara Lockharte and Cassie Alexander

I’m so excited that I can finally tell you all about this amazing project I’ve been working on for months with a cowriter!

Cassie Alexander is an AMAZING writer who received kudos for her writing from the likes of Charlaine Harris and Sherrilyn Kenyon. I want to also mention that her dayjob is as an ICU nurse so she is a TRUE hero of these times. (If you want to follow her exploits in the ICU and get insight on what’s going on in the hospital during these times, you can follow her on twitter, though warning, she does get political at points, but if I was told I might have to go to work in a bandanna and had to have a separate phone just so dying people could say good-bye to their loved ones, I would be pretty angry too).

We’ve been working on this fabulous slow-burn billionaire dragon shifter paranormal romance series that honestly, I think is some of our best work EVER. And I have to say, I think the cover is pretty hot too!

DRAGON CALLED – a new sexy slow burn paranormal romance from Kara Lockharte and Cassie Alexander!

It’s always a bad idea to fall for a hot mysterious billionaire with a spooky castle.
Especially when you find out he’s a dragon.

Night nurse Andi Ngo was desperate for money to bail her idiot brother out of jail. A one time nursing gig seemed like the perfect deal: lots of cash, no questions asked. Even when her employer turns out to be the notorious billionaire Damian Blackwood, Andi is determined to keep quiet and finish the job.

But when Damian saves her life from a monster, there’s no forgetting what she saw — not his insanely superhero physique, not the hungry way he looks at her, like she’s some priceless treasure to be possessed, and definitely not the fact that he’s got another hidden self; he’s an honest-to-god dragon.

Andi knows the dragon shifter’s secret and he’s definitely far from pleased.

After a night of monsters and mayhem, he takes her home in his fancy sports car and….asks her for a date.

The expensive well-tailored suit can’t disguise the fire in his eyes and wildness in his savage smile.

She should say no.

What if she says yes?

Note: This is the first of a slow burn paranormal romance series featuring a hot dragonshifter hero: heck yes, explicit scenes are in here but you’ll have to be patient for the HEA to come.

Keep scrolling for a look at Chapter 1!
Or click here to get it on Amazon (releases May 4, 2020 into Kindle Unlimited!)
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