Into the Dragonfire

Navigation Instructions

INTO THE DRAGONFIRE is an interactive story game.

That means after each passage, you are presented with a choice of usually two options, as to how the next part of the story should develop.

Clickable Links

The options and other clickable links are highlighted in blue.

Simply click on your option of choice to go to the next part of the story.

If you would like to go backward and change your choice, DON'T just click backwards on your browser; doing so will take you back to the last webpage you were at, NOT the last passage of the story.

Go to the top left side of the first paragraph where you might or might not see a backwards arrow.
Here's where you can find the nearly invisible reverse arrow

Here's a close up. Still can't see it? Me neither! 

Super-hard-to-see-reverse arrow

If you move your mouse around the top left side of the first paragraph, it should go over the arrow and brighten it (slightly). Click on this arrow to go backwards in the story. 


I know this is so hard to see. It's a default of the coding language I used to create this story, and as I am not a professional programmer, I'm not sure how to change it.

Hope that was helpful! 

Note - The button above will take you back to the front landing page rather than where you left it originally. My coding skills aren't good enough to figure out how to get it to take you to the last passage of the story that you read. Sorry about that! - KL

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