Betrothed to the dragon

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I’m engaged to a stranger, a man -- dragon. If I don’t marry him, I’m as good as dead.

I've been hiding all my life.

Unlike the rest of my once powerful family, I have no magic.

The immortal monster that ate them all, still hunts me.

And my grandmother thinks that the only way to save me from the monster is to marry me to another monster: a dragon.

Only this monster is perfection in human form: all rippling golden muscle and more gorgeous than anyone who shifts into a scaled monstrous beast has a right to be. His magic calls me, his heat enthralls me and my mind melts at the touch of his inhumanely hot hands on my skin.

There is no way I can marry him.

I know what he truly wants: access to my family's power.

But I have no magic, no power of my own.

He thinks he knows what he's getting with me.

I don't play those games.

It's better to run from a monster, than to marry one.

I'm no dragon's treasure.

Even if my heart wishes otherwise.
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