Libraries - Kara Lockharte


Want to read my books for FREE, help contribute to your community, while supporting a one-woman business?

You can do that all of that with one single action.

It doesn't cost you anything.

It helps your local library because you are helping bring their attention to new books that would be of interest to their patrons (like you) that might not hear about otherwise.

It helps me, an at-home-mom-turned independent author / content-creator show my kids that I can be BOTH a soccer mom AND run my own business centered around my creativity.

All you have to do is ask your library to buy my books

I even have a copy-and-paste form letter in a shared google doc that you can use to email your local library.

Still working on making print editions of the Space Shifters Chronicles available to libraries! For updates, please follow me on Facebook or sign up for my newsletter!

Note: at this time most libraries will only able to purchase print copies of my books for their collection. My ebooks are still in Amazon Kindle Unlimited so because of various legal agreements, my ebooks will not be available for most library collections.

When your library gets my books in, please take a pic, post it to social media and tag me to let me know! It will brighten my day and who knows, you might get a little something shout out from me!