I won't support racism. EVER. - Kara Lockharte

I won’t support racism. EVER.

For the most part, I try not to talk about politics because:

1) I like talking about stories with happy endings

2) I like providing readers with an escape from their daily lives.

However, there are certain ideas I never considered to be political, but rather a question of decency and respect for fellow humans. 

Such as: 


I will never support someone calls torch-bearing KKK marchers “very fine people.”

I will never support someone who refuses to disavow white supremacy when given the chance on national stage.

I will never support someone who instead makes the choice to CALL OUT the name of a white supremacist group with orders to “stand down and stand by.”

I know, for many of you, including my own Trump-supporting relatives, racism isn’t a dealbreaker (because according to them, all Americans are racist anyway and they might as well support the guy who will lower their tax bill). 

It is for me.

If it’s not a deal breaker for you, if you think the problem is innocent people being ACCUSED of being racist, because it destroys reputations, careers etc, rather than ACTUAL RACISM itself:

How is it that Trump is President?

I’m not a lone voice calling him a racist. Even if you don’t believe Trump is a racist (despite his refusal rebuke his supporters who “happen to be/act racist”), we all know that there are plenty of others who have called him so.

How is it, if being ACCUSED of racism is so damaging, how could Trump be elected president?

The answer is that, it’s not. In America, there are people who are more horrified and worried at being ACCUSED of racism, than than actual harm of racism.

You can clearly be CALLED a racist AND be elected President.

You can BE a racist and still have people support you despite their supposed anti-racist beliefs. For them racism isn’t a deal breaker.

For me it is.

You can be a racist and succeed in America.

But you can’t have my vote. 

(I am editing this afterwards to add, NO personally I don’t wish anyone ill. I’d rather see some one lose through the democratic process. I believe karma exists (i.e. comments Hillary Clinton’s pneumonia). To paraphrase “the Donald,” I was never a fan, but many people like[d] him and I think that’s great. If he’s allowed to have his opinion of John McCain (someone I was never a fan of either, allow me the freedom to have my opinion of the President.)

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Kara Lockharte is the author of the Dragon Lovers Series, Space Shifter Chronicles and Prince of the Otherworlds series (written with Cassie Alexander), all of which are currently available in Amazon Kindle Unlimited. She loves writing romances with sexy alpha alien shifters and strong heroines, and also obsessed with Asian dramas.

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