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Fun Stuff !

Do you remember the choose-your-own adventure books from when we were kids?

(Honestly I wasn't a fan of those because I always wanted them to have a happy endings).

Well, I was totally inspired by them and decided to write an interactive story game!

It is NOT a true choose-your-own adventure, because well, somethings are just fated to be 🙂

INTO THE DRAGONFIRE is a prequel story to the entire Dragon Lovers series, featuring Daniel and Chloe (side characters from BETROTHED TO THE DRAGON and BELONGING TO THE DRAGON. 

It is a SUPER SHORT interactive story that should take you about 5-10 minutes to go through it.

And you can play it for FREE with no special software. 

Want to play a game in which you can win some free books?

NOTE: This is a game in Facebook Messenger. Clicking the button will automatically open your Facebook Messenger. 

You can halt all messages at anytime by typing STOP.


 The alpha wolf is coming home. This time she will be his.