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Bonded to the Dragon

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The Lick of Fire is a mini-series collection from twelve best selling authors. Enter this supernatural world of fire and heat, magic and adventure, and get lost in everything DARK, delicious and FIRE.

BETROTHED TO THE DRAGON is the FIRST in Kara Lockharte's DRAGON LOVERS 3 book mini-series. It is the 11th series starter within the Lick of Fire Collection and stands alone from the other books. You do NOT need to have read any other books within the Lick of Fire to enjoy this story.

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#1 Hell is a Harem by Kim Faulks
#2 Turn on the Night by Jacqueline Sweet
#3 Fire & Fury by K. De Long
#4 Shadows & Secrets by Jane Hinchey
#5 Wicked Heat by Mila Young & T.F. Walsh
#6 Scorched Earth by K. De Long
#7 Rising Darkness by Elianne Adams
#8 Phoenix Rising by Bianca D'Arc
#9 Immortal Bride by Emmi Rue
#10 Burning Violet by Kallysten
#11 Betrothed to the Dragon by Kara Lockharte
#12 Flames & Fervor by Daniella Starre

#13 Burn Dragon Burn by Julia Mills


 The alpha wolf is coming home. This time she will be his.