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It’s A Pattern

Kara Lockharte Design Header

I’ve never been much of an artist, but I do like to make and play with patterns on my computer. I find it rather soothing and meditative, the digital equivalent of drawing zentangles I suppose. It’s an easy way to try and self-soothe away my 2020 anxieties.

So the other day, in between working with the kids on their homework, I started playing around with some images. Up in my header, the medallion pattern is one I made from a dragon head, stars and books.

Here are some other patterns I made (click display images at the top of this post to see!)

Books All Over fabric design
BOOKS ALL OVER is a pattern I made with a vintage drawing of partially open books!

Lots Of Open Books Colorful pattern
LOTS OF OPEN BOOKS COLORFUL is another pattern I made with another vintage drawing of open books! I think this one might be my favorite because from a distance it looks sort of herringbone but when you are close up you can see the books! I also have this in Black and White!

A friend of mine suggested I upload the patterns to Spoonflower (a place where you can buy unique fabric designed by independent artists and hobbyists) so people could order them, but I wasn’t sure anyone else would be interested. I mean I like them, and I’ve uploaded them to a Redbubble shop here (mainly so I could order stuff for myself haha ) but what do you think? I have more patterns over there including more dragons and stars. Are there any other color suggestions? Hit reply and let me know!

Anyways, if you are a new user to Redbubble, you can use this referral link https://www.talkable.com/x/nFgD7O  to get $20 off your first purchase (and today is the last day of the f-r-e-e-e shipping USA special – disclosure, if you sign up with this link, I get 20 smackers too). You can use it on anything, not just my shop. There are lots of great things by independent artists and designers that I’ll be coming back to for holiday gifts.