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Why My Characters Don’t Say “I Love You”

Crossposted from my guest post over at the Science Fiction Romance Brigade!

In my books, I avoid having my characters say “I Love You.” Why? Because “I love you,” can take on many different meanings and forms. A man can say “I love you,” to his sister (though if you’re my brother, you’re more likely to say something like, “you actually know what you’re talking about for once!”) and then turn around and say the same words to his girlfriend. Most likely (at least in my books!) those words will mean completely different things. Instead, I’d rather have the actions of my characters speak for themselves. In the first Space Shifters novel, WANTED BY THE WEREWOLF PRINCE, when Prince Ral is trying to win back fighter pilot Captain Skye, does he send her flowers? Nope. Candy? Nope. Jewelry. Nope. Instead, he sends her an envelope. With blueprints for the next generation of deep space fighter jets. With her name on them. Because Ral knows fighter pilot Skye, knows precisely how to target her deepest desires. And by sending her those blueprints, he’s saying to her: -I don’t care how much it costs (because honestly deep space fighter jets are pretty damn expensive).-I know who you are, who you truly are.-I’m going to make a place for you in my life. It’s also a challenge. As far as Skye knows, only the Coalition makes those fighter jets. So if foreign Prince Ral has them, does that mean he stole them? It’s a conundrum that Skye’s morality won’t let him get away with. And that’s precisely what Ral’s counting on to bring her back to him. That’s the kind of gesture that says, I KNOW YOU. Which for Ral, means I LOVE YOU. Get Ral & Skye’s Story in Amazon Kindle Unlimited NOW!


Now with 100% more face-kicking and improved groveling!
(Don’t worry; it still ends Happily Ever After!)

One of the things that always bothered me about WANTED BY THE WEREWOLF PRINCE was that Skye let Ral off the hook a little too easily. 

A few other astute readers made similar comments, so finally I decided to re-read and revisit the ending. 

And yes, that man DEFINITELY needed to do some more groveling.

So I rewrote the ending and added about another 8 pages 🙂

If you’ve already bought the WANTED BY THE WEREWOLF PRINCE, follow these instructions (links to a 3rd party website that I found by googling and otherwise have no relationship with) on how to update a book in your kindle it should update.

If you read or are reading the book in KU, you should return the book, and then check it out again. 

But for some people (like my own account for instance) there IS NO UPDATE button. 

For some people who were reading it in Kindle Unlimited, the book updated automatically.

Obviously I have no control over what Amazon algorithm gremlins do.

How do you know if you have the version with the new ending?

Search for “Torian laser” in your book. If you find the words, you have the new ending. If you don’t, try updating your book according to the instructions here.

Failing that, you can also download the revised final chapter at Bookfunnel here (Note, this file is NOT the complete story and ONLY has the revised final chapter). 

Here is an excerpt of the new changes below!

“All I want is your forgiveness, Skye.”
I gritted my teeth, trying not to cry because I was so damn furious. “You destroyed my life! I knew who I was and I had a purpose. And now, because of you, I have nothing. No ship, no career, no place, nothing.”
“I’m sorry–“
“You expect me to just say, yes, it’s fine and fly on like nothing’s happened?”
He let out a breath and took out a bright blue gem the size of my palm set in a silver medallion and held it out to me. “This –”
I stared at the jewel, at him, as rage tore through me like a Torian laser, obliterating rational thoughts into dust motes. “Do you think you can just buy me with a shiny rock? Or a space ship for that matter?”
He gritted his teeth. “I’m not trying to buy you –“
Was he getting angry at me? How dare he! I shoved his hand away. “Then what the hell is this?” I didn’t even want to hear his reply. I turned, spun, and kicked him in the chest as hard as I could. 
Ral flew back, hitting a fancy vase of rainbow-hued spiraling flowers, which fell onto the soft rug with a rather undramatic thud.
I wobbled on my fancy dress shoes and caught my balance. 
He sat up, brought a hand to his chest, and rubbed where he’d been hit. “I deserved that.” 


A Kara Lockharte Story Summarized



*I don’t need a man. Especially that dude over there who’s so jacked and hot it’s a crime. Oh crap he’s looking at me!
*Maybe I do need some help. But not you Mr. / Dr. / Lord / Prince Hotness!
*I am not someone you can just seduce into doing what you want with your arrogance and muscles.
* Ohhhhhh. But still not gonna…ohhh mmph…we’ll see…
*What do you mean people are gonna die if we don’t work together…and screw…a lot…ok I guess.
*Angst angst angst.
*Oh crap, I don’t just like him, I love him. We can’t possibly be together because REASONS.
*Ooo more Sexy times.
*Even worse, he loves me too!
* We’re all going to die!
* OMG we/he saved us / everyone / the world / the universe.
* Hero groveling.
* Yes! Forever Yes!

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