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Who is Cassie Lockharte?

I'm excited to announce that Cassie Alexander and I are working on A NEW Other Worlds series under our new shared team pen name of ?????? ????????? !

The first book, ??????'? ??????? will be released NEXT week around 3/17

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We have decide to streamline our catalogs (it's an Amazon algorithm thing) make it easier on our cover designers by simply combining our two names and putting one name on the cover! So our new WARDENS OF THE OTHER WORLDS series will be put under our new team penname of ?????? ?????????.

Eventually all our books written together will be moved under this pen name.

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Dragons Don’t Date FREE

Who sends cat pictures in a dating app?

When dragon shifter billionaire Damian Blackwood is pressured into testing his new company’s dating app, the last thing he expects is to find is an actual connection...

Weird work hours make normal dating near impossible for Nurse Andi. When a colleague recommends a new dating app, Andi signs on for some fun, never thinking it would go far…

Can you begin falling for someone you’ve never seen? And who has only sent you cat pictures?



To his surprise, she messaged back. Excuse me?

I am reliably informed that most women on here who don’t have photos are actually men. 

My username actually says I’m a girl.

…a likely story.

He assumed that would be the end of it, but then it wasn’t: Anyone ever tell you you’re weird?

You don’t even know. He snorted. 

There was a long pause, in which he pondered future responses – and future ways Zach was going to repay him for this – before his phone buzzed again. 

Was it going to take you that long to send me a dick pic or something?

What? he typed in, blinking. No. Why? he asked, and then read up. I’m not that kind of weird.

Just an average annoying kind of weird then?

One of his eyebrows rose. You’re the one who reinitiated conversation.

Hmm. I notice you also do not have photos – and that your username is not a lie. 

I decided recently to be more truthful. 

Well it’s rare that men are self-aware enough to acknowledge that they’re difficult. They usually just expect the people in their lives to bend. 

Thank you. I think. 

You’re welcome. So now, truth-telling stranger, just how is it that you’re lying here? Like you first asked me?

I’m here under duress. 

Should I call 911 for you? Are you trapped in a basement by a serial killer and getting a date on this app is the only way out? 

Damian caught himself smiling at the screen. Yes. It’s very dark. If I don’t get a woman’s number by midnight they’re going to chop off my hand. 

Oh, that’s too bad. However would you type?

He paused. He knew he shouldn’t type what he wanted to type next, because it was too strong, and possibly too strange, and who the hell knew who PoolGirl92 really was besides? But it felt right. 

For you – I would find a way.   

Dragon Called is FREE!

And it will ONLY be free for 5 days from 10/5-10/9! Start this hot series NOW because the FINAL book (DRAGON MATED) in this sexy urban fantasy romance is coming out on October 13!

Dragon Called FREE for a limited Time!

Here's a quick excerpt!

Like scales sliding over scales, he felt a rearrangement of the space he held—as a man and a dragon—making room for possibility. He had known hunger, and he had known lust, but now what he wanted was something more, and he wished the table were narrower so he could reach across it and catch her hands with his, as she went on.

“And that’s why I deserve the truth from you,” she went on. “You’re not normal—and I know that. So, don’t lie to me, and don’t pretend. I may not need to know everything, but I don’t have time in my life for someone who holds back. I’ve had too many of those relationships before—they’re not healthy.”

The pain of something that hadn’t shown up in his background check clearly arced across her face. “And what if I’m holding back for your own well-being?” he asked her.

Her full lips fell into a pout. He’d already noticed how often she would bite them when she was nervous—little did she know how that tempted him to bite them too. “Remember what you said earlier about patriarchal bull?”

Damian was forced to laugh. “Andi—” he began, ready to defend himself, which was becoming harder and harder in her presence, and then her phone rang. She blanched, and then reached for her clutch quickly. 

“I’m so sorry,” she said.

“Don’t be. Take your time,” he said graciously. He rather liked it when she was disconcerted. 

“So, not now…” Andi said, instead of answering the phone.

“Are you rambunctious?” blurted out the person on the far end of the line, and Damian would’ve had no problem hearing them even as a human. Her next sentence was a little softer, though. “He was hot, so I gave him an extra thirty minutes to murder you, if you know what I mean.” 

“Thanks, and I’m fine,” Andi said definitively, hanging up her phone and setting it far away from herself on the table before returning her attention to him. “My roommate was worried you were a serial killer.”

“Well, she isn’t wrong,” he said. “To be worried, that is,” he added, when her eyes widened. 

“I guess that makes sense—considering what I saw.” She stared at the table, likely remembering his dragon and the shimmer-tiger. 

“It was fairly intense, and you were up close,” he pressed. “All that blood and fear.” If she was going to break, he wanted it to happen now, when he could escape with only paying in money. 

She seemed to consider things for a long while and then looked up at him again, her gaze steady. “You’d be surprised how used to danger I am.”

His dragon had heard the challenge in her voice and longed to answer. Leave this place. Go and take her. 

Damian let his eyes trail over her, remembering the heat of her lips, the smooth sweep of her skin. She had to know what she was asking, didn’t she? He could feel his urges, filling him up, making him ache. It felt like he’d done nothing but ache since he’d met her. And he knew if given half the chance… No, he told his dragon, feeling it roil in anguish before he finished his thought. I’ll take her here. His dragon purred and settled in, waiting just underneath his skin.