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Who is Cassie Lockharte?

I'm excited to announce that Cassie Alexander and I are working on A NEW Other Worlds series under our new shared team pen name of ?????? ????????? !

The first book, ??????'? ??????? will be released NEXT week around 3/17

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?? ℎ? ?????? ?????????? ℎ?? ???? ℎ? ?????? ?? ??, ?? ℎ? ????? ℎ?? ??????? ?????? ℎ?? ?????? ??? ?ℎ? ??????? ????? ????????? ?? ? ?????? ?ℎ?'? ???????? ???ℎ ℎ??? ?ℎ? ????? ?ℎ? ????? ?? ?????? -- ??? ?ℎ?? ℎ?????? ?ℎ?? ?ℎ? ???? ?????? ?? ???? ℎ?? ?????

We have decide to streamline our catalogs (it's an Amazon algorithm thing) make it easier on our cover designers by simply combining our two names and putting one name on the cover! So our new WARDENS OF THE OTHER WORLDS series will be put under our new team penname of ?????? ?????????.

Eventually all our books written together will be moved under this pen name.

?: ???? ??? ????? ?? ??????? ???? ??? ????? ????? ???? ??? ??????

?? ??????! ??? ??????? ???? ????? ? ?????? ?? ???? ??? ?????? ???? ???'? ???? ??????? ?? ???? ????. ??? ???? ??????? ?? ???? ?? ??? ???? ??? ??? ?????? ?


Dragons Don’t Date FREE

Who sends cat pictures in a dating app?

When dragon shifter billionaire Damian Blackwood is pressured into testing his new company’s dating app, the last thing he expects is to find is an actual connection...

Weird work hours make normal dating near impossible for Nurse Andi. When a colleague recommends a new dating app, Andi signs on for some fun, never thinking it would go far…

Can you begin falling for someone you’ve never seen? And who has only sent you cat pictures?



To his surprise, she messaged back. Excuse me?

I am reliably informed that most women on here who don’t have photos are actually men. 

My username actually says I’m a girl.

…a likely story.

He assumed that would be the end of it, but then it wasn’t: Anyone ever tell you you’re weird?

You don’t even know. He snorted. 

There was a long pause, in which he pondered future responses – and future ways Zach was going to repay him for this – before his phone buzzed again. 

Was it going to take you that long to send me a dick pic or something?

What? he typed in, blinking. No. Why? he asked, and then read up. I’m not that kind of weird.

Just an average annoying kind of weird then?

One of his eyebrows rose. You’re the one who reinitiated conversation.

Hmm. I notice you also do not have photos – and that your username is not a lie. 

I decided recently to be more truthful. 

Well it’s rare that men are self-aware enough to acknowledge that they’re difficult. They usually just expect the people in their lives to bend. 

Thank you. I think. 

You’re welcome. So now, truth-telling stranger, just how is it that you’re lying here? Like you first asked me?

I’m here under duress. 

Should I call 911 for you? Are you trapped in a basement by a serial killer and getting a date on this app is the only way out? 

Damian caught himself smiling at the screen. Yes. It’s very dark. If I don’t get a woman’s number by midnight they’re going to chop off my hand. 

Oh, that’s too bad. However would you type?

He paused. He knew he shouldn’t type what he wanted to type next, because it was too strong, and possibly too strange, and who the hell knew who PoolGirl92 really was besides? But it felt right. 

For you – I would find a way.   

A Paranormal Romance Author’s Cure for Doomscrolling in a Pandemic Year

I always loved escaping into books but I confess real world anxieties have made it really hard for me to focus on any book lately. So I've been diving into stories in other media like webcomics and dramas in other languages. They use familiar tropes (i.e. enemies-to-lovers, fake engagement, etc) but because they are different media the way in which the story is told changes.

Here are some of my recent distractions (which I HIGHLY recommend as a much more worthwhile way to spend your time rather than doomscrolling).

My Dear Cold-Blooded King

My Dear Cold-Blooded King

A F-R-E-E romance webcomic, secret identities, hot princes, and assassins in a feudal-based fantasy Japan. I literally stayed up until 3AM one night to binge read this comic and ended up joining the artist's Patreon.

Lore Olympus

Lore Olympus

Another F-R-E-E webcomic. Hades and Persephone retold. Greek gods with modern day trappings. Totally addictive.Enter your text here...

OSRBC Asian Dramas

OSRBC Asian Dramas

I know, lots of people are not into watching tv with subtitles, but trust me when I tell you that K-dramas are well worth it.

These shows are totally addictive, so much so that when I was asked by OSRBC Romance Readers Group (a general romance readers Facebook group with more than 8k members) if I wanted to moderate an OSRBC side group for lovers of Asian Dramas, I said yes. Romance readers and Asian dramas are such a natural niche - in the first day we had more than 100 readers join! So if you want to learn more (and fill your Facebook feed with pictures of gorgeous men) join us here: OSRBC: Asian Dramas.

What's the appeal? Here's a quote from an article about what appeal these dramas have, particularly for romance fans.

"K-Dramas push the envelope hard on the feisty-oddball girl character...female characters in K-Dramas have the space to be eccentric and even morally unsound (occasional kleptomania or blackmail are fine).

While male leads have to be paragons of virtue who are dapper dressers and also happen to look good in the shower, the female lead character is often a hot mess. She can complain about her unwashed, itchy scalp while on a date or be told that she needs to bathe as her clothes "smell of kimchi".
Women probably feel more seen in this universe for the complicated, angry, disobedient, funny, ambitious, feisty, acerbic and normal people that we can be in real life. A part of the reason for this space afforded to women characters could that about 90% of Korean scriptwriters and series writers are women. Compare this to the barely 27% of women’s presence in American film and TV, and you will see why Joan MacDonald, an American writer, feels that these shows "pay tribute to the female gaze" and the "female perspective."

-Anita Vachharajani, Crash-landing on the world: Why Korean dramas are as addictive as an unending stack of potato chips

These are the shows I have been watching and rewatching:

Crash Landing On You on Netflix

Crash Landing On You on Netflix

CRASH LANDING ON YOU - Netflix - (16 episodes) Enemies-to-lovers, opposites attract, fish out of water, fake relationship, protector, band of brothers, found family
South Korean female CEO accidentally paraglides into N. Korea. She falls on top of a N. Korean soldier. Since N. Korea and S. Korea are still technically at war, if she's caught there, she risks being sent to prison and possibly tortured and he spends half the series trying to safely return her home. Awesome hilarious cast of secondary characters. This was apparently the #3 series in all of Global Netflix in March of this year (FOR GOOD REASON!)



WHAT'S WRONG WITH SECRETARY KIM - Viki.com  (free with commercials) (16 episodes) Office romance, opposites attract, billionaire/secretary, reunion romance

This is basically Tony Stark / Pepper Potts without Ironman. Long suffering secretary to genius CEO resigns, making him realize he can't live without her. Awkwardly proposes marriage to her, she says hell no (nicely with a smile, because this is S. Korea after all) he realizes he really does love her and he spends the rest of the series trying to woo her. Another great cast of secondary characters.



DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN - Viki.com (free with commercials), note that the version of this on Amazon Prime is the Vietnamese remake; romance melodrama in a disaster zone. Strong heroine doctor meets cocky special forces soldier, discover that despite their attraction, have very different philosophies about the value and sanctity of life. This also has amazing side character, including an amazing bromance between the hero and his second, with awesome conversations like this:  

Hero: Ow, I think I hurt something. Maybe my appendix. I think I need to see that doctor over there.
Sgt Dae: The pretty doctor, of course.
Hero: No, it really hurts!
Sgt Dae: The appendix is on the other side.
Hero: ::quickly switches to the other side:: Yes! It really hurts!
Sgt Dae: You were right the first time, it's on the other side.

Join Kara Lockharte for a Virtual Paint Party!

Want to learn how to paint this painting?

Are the people in your house driving you crazy? <img role=
Looking for something different to do? <img role=

Bring your drink of choice <img role= and call up your friends, virtually join and me my romance author <img role= <img role= gal pals Bianca D’Arc, Cassie AlexanderK.N. Lee, R.L. Merrill, Trudi Jaye at a virtual painting <img role= party!

Bring your own supplies and paint along with us! We show you how to paint this painting from start to finish (ignore the sunlight glare in the upper left corner of the photo)

Check out the video at https://www.facebook.com/karalockharte/videos/966361213874531

It’s Trivial – A Live Paranormal Trivia Quiz Game

Do you know who this vampire is? 🙂

We played a LIVE paranormal trivia game with paranormal romance authors! Hosted by Kara Lockharte and Cassie Alexander!

With Special Author Guests:

Aidy Award

Asa Marie Bradley

M. L. Guida

Ines Johnson

Shawntelle Madison

Jayelle Morgan

L. E. Wilson

Do you want to watch the show and see how you stack up against us? The link to the video replay is here on Facebook! 

Authors Kara Lockharte met at NINC 2019

Here are the books of some of the amazing authors I met up with at the 2019 Novelists INC conference! They were all awesomely nice people so of course, I added them to my To-Be-Read pile. Add them to yours!

Didn't get my newsletter in which I recount my NINC Florida shuffleboarding adventures with authors? Sign up here to hear when I have more wacky adventures with authors!

Tink's Neverland - S.E. Smith
The Unlikeable Demon Hunter by Deborah Wilde
All I Want -Tamara Lush
Mastered By Her Mates - Grace Goodwin
Double-Sided Magic - McKenzie Hunter
The Complete Lost Children Series - Krista Street
Back To Spell One - Samantha Silver
Obsidian - Kimberly Loth
Rescued By Qaiyaan - Tamsin Ley
In Pursuit of Dragons - Anne Renwick
Snapdragron - Kilby Blades
Borrowed Magic - Stephanie Foxe