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The Space Shifters Chronicles


Wanted By The Werewolf Prince by Kara Lockharte

Book 1
The werewolf prince gets what he wants.  
But not with me.

Taken By The TigerLord by Kara Lockharte

Book 2
He loved, lied, then left me.
And now I'm supposed to marry him?

Latest Release!

I am DONE with dragons.

Especially my childhood friend, billionaire dragonshifter Lucas Randall, who claims I’m his mate.

But I’m not the housekeeper’s daughter anymore.

No Randall is going to dictate my life again.

So what if he’s more than six feet of shockingly ripped muscle and I-know-you-Lana eyes.

So what if his fiery touch makes me want a future I can never have.

So what if all my body wants is to say yes, yes, YES.

I will deny it all.

Even if every atom in my messed up body craves him.

I’ve got secrets he can never know.

To mate the dragon is to condemn him to death.

Lucas doesn’t know what I am. But he will if he’s around me much longer.

I won’t let that happen.

Because I’m a monster now too.

First in the Dragon Lovers Series!

Betrothed to the Dragon

I'm being hunted.

I have no magic.

And I just found out how my grandmother thinks she can save me...

She betrothed me -- to a dragon.

"Kara Lockharte always surprises me. I look forward to her books eagerly, knowing I will not find a cookie-cutter plot that I’ve read a hundred times." -- PurrToday, Amazon Reviewer

" l was on the edge of my seat. " -- jennine, Amazon Reviewer

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